Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program


The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides utility assistance to eligible households.

There are four components to the LIHEAP program.


Eligible households must have a total income at or below the following 30 day gross income or annual income dependent on size of the household.

Assistance is available for natural gas, propane, heating oil and electricity. A past due bill or disconnection notice is not required to be eligible. If heat and electricity are included in the rent, the household may still be eligible for some assistance. We encourage clients to make energy-saving improvements to their home to help make utility payments even lower. 

Community Contacts, Inc operates the LIHEAP program (Español) throughout Kane and Dekalb counties. Funding is provided by the US Department of Health and Human Services and by the State of Illinois Supplemental Low Income Energy Assistance Fund. The program is administered throughout the state by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.

These figures are based on the 2021 Federal Poverty Guidelines published in the US Department of Health and Human Services in the Federal Register/Volume 86/Number 19/February 1, 2021. Given that HHS allows 150% of FPG or 60% of SMI, where 200% of FPG is lower than 60% of SMI the program will be using 200% of FPG as our highest category. However, for the household size of 7 to 11 members, the benefit at 200% would exceed the allowable 60% SMI. For households larger than 11 members, the 150% will be set as the maximum income eligibility criteria. The state reserves the right to adjust these levels based on the availability of federal appropriations.

For families with more than 18 people, add $568 to the 30 day income for the 30 day income, $6,810 for annual income.

Family Size 200% 30 Day Gross Income 200% Annual Income
1 $2,147 $25,760
2 $2,903 $34,840
3 $3,660 $43,920
4 $4,417 $53,000
5 $5,173 $62,080
6 $5,930 $71,160
7 $6,590 $79,081
8 $6,737 $80,838
9 $6,883 $82,596
10 $7,029 $84,353
11 $7,176 $86,111
12 $7,853 $94,230
13 $8,420 $101,040
14 $8,988 $107,850
15 $9,555 $114,660
16 $10,123 $121,470
17 $10,690 $128,280
18 $11,258 $135,090

How to apply

First, please complete the LIHEAP Interest Form (link). Then, schedule an in-person interview to complete the final application. There are outreach sites in Aurora, Elgin, and Dekalb.

Or, call Community Contacts at 847-697-4400 between 9am – 12pm and 1pm – 3pm Monday through Friday to schedule an appointment. When you call, make sure you have the following information ready:

  • Social Security cards, ITINs, or other immigration documents for everyone in the house.
  • A current heating and electric bill.
  • Proof of all income received in the household, 30 days before your appointment.